Ducks and geese
enjoying the park

Date Night


Hello, hello!

I am now publicly open for commissions. I am your usual poor college student, very much in need of money. Everything above should cover it all. If there are any more questions, do ask via askbox or email.

If you don’t mind, please signal boost this. Even temporarily would be very helpful.

Thanks for looking!

Eyyy please consider commissioning my girl Stacey!!!

Very friendly very good art A++

All the people that sent Kubo Tite “happy birthday Ichigo” tweets… so cute……

small punpun


There were children for life drawing!! I love children

For the black&white artbook!
I love sunfish 

My first year film!! Please enjoy and also watch my classmate’s films!

ninthrevolver said: GOOD LUCK U GUYS!!!!

Thank you!!! Jackie and I are cheering in the labs 
We appreciate the support!


joobr said: U CAN DO IT

Also thank you!! Your words give us strength