ninthrevolver said: GOOD LUCK U GUYS!!!!

Thank you!!! Jackie and I are cheering in the labs 
We appreciate the support!


joobr said: U CAN DO IT

Also thank you!! Your words give us strength

late night GETTING PUMPED with Jacko for films

Also a couple of figure drawings

Business cards and last page from portfolio day
Making a portfolio was a really great learning experience!!

Terrible Child for homework
inspired by real life terrible child

A couple of classmates and a couple of gestures

My lines always feel too tight so I’ve been trying to loosen up and scribble more ?

I’ve been watching a Beyond Two Souls lp while working and drew some Jodies in between making film

kilogramrose said: youre still here joy

I wanted to leave at 1 but leaving is so hard when there is work to be done

)””” :

pt 2
I’m so tired
like a weak baby

also I listened to this pretty much the entire day if that gives you an idea of what my life is like 

First batch of hourlies
In case you wanted to see me sit at a desk all day